Data communication on Kiskadee is based on satellite or 3G/4GTE (Data SIM cards) for data. For voice, satellite phone or our Dutch GSM numbers are standard. VHF is of course standard nautical communication. On the yacht itself there is a local WIFI active, provided by Zeus3 or MIFI to connect phones, apps, tablet and entertainment, sound system and navigation apps with each other.

Satellite comunication

I prefer StarLink, because its an full internet, satellite based, connection. March 2022, still no word on the none-stationary updates, which makes it usable for moving objects.

As alternative we choose from the option list the PredictWind – IRIDIUM GO! in stead of installing an Short Braodcast Band (SBB) solution. Sailing the pacific we are on long passages needed weather forecasting services. Start sailing with 4 to 6 SIM cards. We will use the sat phone for normal voice calls as well.

The PredictWind/Iridium package provide phone coverage, limited applications like mail, tracking, weather info. All the essentials for sialing but nothing compared to the needs of a Digital Nomad.

Data SIM communication

A WIFI router, also called MIFI, running on a local data sim-card provide internet connection. Almost anywhere in the world for reasonable prices. I would like to buy a router capable of connecting to Asian, American, FP and Australian providers/carriers and able to connect to 3G and 4 (LTE) protocols.. Still searching for the device. I will post the make and model of a suitable product.

Voice (over data) is possible with Whatsapp and other apps and even by routing GSM over Wifi if supported by phone and carrier. Some countries like French Polynesia are part of the EU broadband agreement and are cost free within our Dutch subscription.

VHF communication

Vesper Cortex Communication
Vesper Cortex Communication

We choose on the SeaWind 1260 option list the Vesper Cortex AIS/VHF solution. And we added a handheld Standard Horizon HX890. A portable VHF is a safety equipment to be taking in your liferaft. We also use for yacht/dinghy or even lookout/anchoring between bow and cockpit.

MMSI registration is part of our owner, VHF and EPIRB registration.

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Preparations of a Seawind 1260 for our circumnavigation