We believe in self provision due to our destinations, places with few facilities. And we don’t want to be a burden on scarce resources. We use solar panels and a high output alternators on our diesels.

Kiskadee is fitted with 4*200W and I´m hoping the factory goes to 250/275 watt panels. Otherwise we will update once again to the 4 flush panels and 2 rigid to obtain 1060 watts. I don’t like flush panels, they deteriorate quickly.

Our diesel engines with high output alternators (dynamo) generate high load in a short time, very suitable for LiFePO4 batteries. The upgrade to Lithium included 2 extra Mastervolt alternators. We will use them as a last resource.

I will swap this picture with the actual installation on Kiskadee.

Illustration of a modern Electricity installation
Een voorbeeld stroomschema uit 2018

Storage electricity

Luckily there is a Lithium upgrade available. Our house bank is 2 * 400 Ah.

I like all Mastervolt installation and the fact it’s a integrated update with BMS, Chargers AC-DC-DC Inverters, dual voltage shore connection and MPPT Solar connection. Pricy but the base for sustainable self provisioning for years, see all of our options

Electricity Power users

I opted to stay with the EasyView from Mastervolt. Enough information, can be configured to show all your needed information. I think C-Zone and a connection to the PC is not really necessary on a 1260 with a straight forward balance sheet.

Most likely we will evaluate after a year of usage and act accordingly. More usage because we swap the gas stove for a two plate induction set, or less usage by extra isolated the fridge etc.

Our biggest users are the inverter itself, and our 230 AC appliances like StarLink (18 hours a day), water cooker, induction plate (both short usage) and several 12 DC appliances (anchor windlass, refrigerator, freezer, autopilot)

The old fashion way is a current balance sheet. It is simply a comparison between usage and generated capacity. Very useful to gain insight while in process of picking options. We did a quick add up and decided not to obtain an air-conditioning unit to avoid a generator.

Preparations of a Seawind 1260 for our circumnavigation