Delivery date set, finale month in Vietnam

Okay, as stated in our previous post our delivery got prosponed to the end of March. But today we are happy to say: All missing parts arrived, the finish of Kiskadee is getting there, and all yellow tape/cardboard is protection for finished items. And most important, a reconfirmed schedule.

Delivery collage of Kiskadee on 9th of march
Delivery details of Kiskadee

Jon and Will are the two experienced crewmembers and they join us on our maiden voyage and beyond, all the way to Vancouver. A crew of 4 is so much more relaxed then dual handed sailing for long stretches. They will arrive last week of march and join us in Nha Trang, the delivery and embarkment seaport.

Another aspect of getting finished, all live aboard stuff is bought. Respect to my wife who resisted the temptation to buy the whole hypermarket. Our favorites are:

Live aboard goodies

So in general our schedule is:

  1. Getting up to speed on weather forecasts, currents, local notifications, looking at the forecast, checking it with historical data;
  2. Looking at our things-to-do list, introducing a new category “not doing it”;
  3. Technical acceptance while Kiskadee is still at the factory on 20th of march;
  4. Launching, rigging, factory trails, 22-26 march;
  5. First Handover and sea trial to Nha Trang, 28 march – 1 april;
  6. Aftercare, fresh provisioning, crew onboard, final acceptance, 2-5 april;
  7. Start our journey at the 6th of April.

4 thoughts on “Delivery date set, finale month in Vietnam”

  1. Hey! Wat gaaf om te lezen. Ok, misschien iets vertraging, maar dan toch. Spannende tijd tot de start van jullie wereldse avontuur. Liefs uit Exloo

  2. Goed nieuws guys!! Nog even en de reis kan beginnen. Veel succes en we blijven jullie volgen, bye, bye, Harriette.

  3. Good to hear that you are almost set to go. Enjoy your last luxury stay in Vietnam! Good luck for the coming time. Thinking of you both!
    love, Marlene

  4. Fantastisch nieuws en jullie hart en doel volgen, de avonturen, vrijheid, ga jullie zeker volgen en ben erg benieuwd naar jullie verhalen en avonturen, liefs Janice

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