monohull or catamaran

Finally, we placed the criteria in a spreadsheet to limit the number of offers. And we started looking around, test sailing and so on. Until we sailed for 2 weeks on a catamaran. So now we have 2 lists, monohull vs catamaran.

If you want to sail for a long time, far off the beaten tracks, you have different demands for a yacht. Length and weight determine a lot, from tank content to storage space, from speed to draft, everything can be related to the total length. And then you suddenly see the difference between a monohull or catamaran

The amount of space on a catamaran is enormous and therefore no selection criteria anymore. With a modern catamaran you live on top, between the hulls. The hulls themselves are now so big that you also have a lot of space there. Water and diesel tank capacity is no longer a selection criterion and so on.

The ideal layout

On a catamaran, the discussion about the number of cabins is easy. One hull for the owner, one hull for the guests. You automatically get 2 toilet / shower groups.

Onze ideale indeling van een monohull
Onze ideale indeling van een monohull

On a monohull, the first discussion is 4 or 6 permanent berths, or 2 or 3 cabins. We go for 2 cabins version. Two guests who are sailing along is fun and probably. The big advantage of having one cabin left is the workshop and lots of storage space. And on many yachts you see an empty space instead of a rear cabin as an option.

The second remark is a separation between the shower room and toilet. Preferably as two separate rooms. One of each is enough for us. It is not a charter boat where everyone has their own sanitary facilities.

Headroom, important to me. I am 1.94 m, so a cabin entrance must be higher. Indoors, the height is allowed to decrease slightly. You bump your head the most when getting in or out.

Storage space. How difficult to say anything about this. In the “workspace” a work bench and a number of cabinets, nice. Storage behind the sofa, under the floor and so on. What is sufficient? I do not know. Let’s see how different cruising yachts are equipt.

Look at Criteria how I divide the selection into sections and ultimately make a shortlist.

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