Pitcairn Island

Pitcairn, Pitkern as the locals call it, is indeed remote and wild and not easy to reach. The general route is sailing from east to the west. As usual I updated all things to be know for sailors on Noforeignland


Pitcairn history started with the discovery of this island by the “bootsmanjong” Pitcairn, aged 15, on one of the British expeditions. It was noted with an error of 3 degrees, 180 NM ~ 335 km. So not easy to be found again. In 1789 Fletcher Christian muted against Captain Bligh, and fled to Pitcairn after being advised of this error by Polynesian narrators.

The Pitcairn settlement has been one with many difficulties. An overpopulation in the 1960’s and a forced migration to Norfolk island. (in the Pacific). A sex abuse case in 2000’s and recently the issue of a elderly and diminishing population.

Currently only 41 inhabitants are on the island, which is a independent state in the British Commonwealth. Ivar and Floris made a nice impression of the island.

Our stay

After 7 days of sailing from Easter Island, Rapa Nui, we arrived at Bounty Bay on the first day of a week with big winds form the SE. Bounty Bay is a patch of sand in front of the landing strip and a notorious rolling anchorage. Not optimal on SE wind, really bad on East to NE winds.

On the second day we heard a loud noise and discovers we lost the starboard side d-shackle on the anchor bridle. Ergo, hanging on one rope and a lot of force and the port side hardware. Loosing the shackle is most likely because the safety wire was off and the pin slowly wiggled its way out. Temporary putting in a single line with an anchor hook, we discoved we had only little shackles in spare. We radioed for help to Pitcairn and there was a used big shackle available, properly straight of some equipment. A fine example of help and friendliness.

Pitcairn was indeed eventful. Two days later, on much calmer weather, we flipped the dinghy in the inlet next to the landing strip. No harm done and after turning the dinghy back, retrieving all floating footwear and servicing the outboard, all was fine. This moment is actually (almost) captured on video. We had 4 spare CO2 cylinders to replace , so no more flipping the dinghy. And of course another item on the growing list of spare things to buy in Papeete.

So, all and all we had a very nice time. We had diner in a home restaurant. Got invited to the homes of a few locals and sponsored the Pitcairn economy in their big and we’ll organized General Store. My high light was a real good, deep tissue massage and just walking around the island.

The anchorage was a 2 but the island and its people made it a 5 star adventure.

4 thoughts on “Pitcairn Island”

  1. 41 inhabitants. Nice and quiet . For sure a place not many people can say the have visited. Enjoy your unique experience to the max!!

  2. Heel apart zo’n eiland en het bezoek. Ik denk niet dat ik zo geisoleerd zou kunnen wonen.

  3. Gezien bij Floortje naar het einde van de wereld. Geweldige ervaring voor jullie. Enjoy!

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