North and South Pacific

The first and second year

Seawind is manufactured in Vietnam and cruising the South Pacific is on our wish list. With the currents and trade winds crossing the north pacific is from west to east. A big help is Cornells’ Ocean Atlas

So our journey starts at Vietnam, processes to Philippines, Taiwan, slow island hopping in Japan and then a giant leap to Vancouver or Seattle. Again slowly going south on the pacific coast of the Americas and then crossing into France Polynesia towards New Zealand and Australia. About 1 to 1.5 year of sailing. Starting in Vietnam, with a new boat, is a bit complex. I wrote a separate blog

Routes across the pacific
General Trade Winds and Currents in the Pacific

North Pacific

After reading about the necessary paperwork and restrictions in China, Chinese harbors, we will do a maiden voyage from Nha Trang to the Philippines, a 3 to 4-day sail. Then going up north to Taiwan, toward Hualien, a big city with a lot of facilities. This is the starting point of slow cruising of all of South Japanese islands towards Okinawa. Going left to the Sea of Japan toward Hokkaido. And then the biggest crossing of all, to Vancouver, Canada.

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The Northern passage from Japan to Alaska, Kodiak or to Vancouver, Seattle is a summer passage, May to July, to take advantage warmer weather, current.

East coast of the Americas

Van Vancouver Canada to Ecuador, Columbia 5.000 NM

Ecuador to New Zeeland

Frans Polynesië, Cook Islands etc 12.500 km, ~7.000 NM

New Zealand to Australia

Cruising around Australia and leafing for the African continent.

Preparations and circumnavigation of a Seawind 1260