Spare parts and Tools

With our goal of a circumnavigation and the delivery of a new boat at Vietnam as a starting point, we start thinking about spare parts and service items. What to buy locally in Vietnam before departure, what to ship or fly in from the start and what to obtain during the trip with first stops in Taiwan and Japan before arriving on the pacific coast of the America’s.

Following boats and group pages doing a circumnavigation, to find out what breaks down and which spares are needed to fix things. Although there is a difference between spare parts and service parts that are required for normal maintenance, I will list them together.

  1. Engine: Yanmar, Saildrives and Gori Propellers
  2. Pluming: Watermaker Spectra , pumps and shut-off valves
  3. Anti-leak agents, hull repair
  4. Navigation Instruments: Spare VHF/Satalite antenna
  5. Sail: battens? and batten repair set from Incidence??
  6. Safety equipment: re-arming kits
  7. Sticky stuff: Tapes, glues, kit, paint, lubricants, cleaning stuff
  8. Fasteners:
  9. Rope: Lines, Halyards, Fenders, Deck equipment
  10. Tools: Hand and electric tools
Hand tools, loosely organized

This is my list (link to follow) as a result of desktop research, not yet as an experience user.

Preparations and circumnavigation of a Seawind 1260