Commissioning in Vietnam

Commissioning in Vietnam, with a Seawind 1260 as a new yacht, is a bit complex. Getting familiar, repairing little mishaps on commission and departing the country in 3 to 5 days after accepting ownership, is tight.

We will try to charter an Seawind 1260 in the med or US to get familiar with the yacht and the B&G equipment. We are both experienced sailors and will do as much preparation as possible. Test driving our Seawind for 1 or 2 days, the basic on commission, is short. So we will prepare for detecting small failures while making a maiden voyage of 900 NM. We will talk to the support office of Seawind what is possible to extend the commission or other solutions.

Route and Crew

The maiden voyage is to the south of Taiwan. A backup plan, sailing to the Philippines, is necessary. We will avoid China, to much of a visa hassle. A second thought is the accompanying of 1 or 2 crew members. Which will make this first trip more comfortable. Lets see if a local delivery crew is available, again with the help of the support office of Seawind. (Skills, payment, Passport, Visa, Return flight) An alternative is asking around in our circle of friends, or even within the Seawind community.

Global route form Vietnam to Taiwan, staying on the Philippine site
Commissioning in Vietnam, sailing toward the America’s, first stop South Taiwan

Spare Parts & Tools

Oke, I have a list of tools put together by comparing other lists with two thoughts in mind. First downsize aka limit the total amount of weight. Second ship it to Vietnam of buy it locally?

Spare parts is a second list to work on. A big yes to service kits and lubricants. A maybe to some service kits. And an “I don’t know” to complete spare units. I hope the Seawind factory can provide me with some advice and getting this these items in Vietnam.


Well from crockery to bed linen, fresh food to cans and beans, yet a few more items to consider what to bring to Vietnam or buy locally.

3 thoughts on “Commissioning in Vietnam”

  1. Dear Eddy,

    In 2022 there will be a Nautitech open 40 for rent in Lelystad. (

    This will completely be equipped with B&G (Plotter and radar and VHF) . the chart brand has to be determined. So if you like to rent I will definitely decide c-map! Regards Chris

    1. We are at this moment (end July 2022) in Vietnam. Talking about how to commission to minimize rework
      and small repairs. Maiden voyage to Philippines to insure a mechanic can be flown in etc. Talking about spare parts list, talking about crew on the first passage, talking about…
      Organization is as sweet as doing…

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